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Kristen James Hair Studio

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Kristen's main priority is to always use natural, organic products--none of those creepy laboratory chemicals that no one really knows how to pronounce.
Sure, everyone relaxes a little bit when they walk into a salon. But there's a difference between, "Ah, this is nice," and "Ahhhhhhhh". With a charming interior and a team of gals so genuinely nice you'll immediately feel at home, Kristen James Hair Studio is a perfect balance of luxury without snobbery. And they legitimately care about your hair's health, too, making sure that it looks and feels naturally fantastic. (Because unlike those Maybelline chicks, it really is you who should get the credit -- not the products.) Kristen, Jodi and Tiffany's main priorities are to always use natural, organic products--none of those creepy laboratory chemicals that no one really knows how to pronounce. Even their keratin treatment is 100% organic, and completely free of any "-aldehyde" nonsense. Natural beauty is in; that artificial stuff is so 2002.

That forced conversation you sometimes share with an aloof stylist will not happen here, thanks to everyone's immediate friendliness and warmth. The charming, knowledgeable staff are as refreshing as the interior itself. With the salon's slate-blue walls and rows of shabby-chic distressed dressers, this salon's ambience is a little something like Cape Cod meets Anthropologie, both laid-back and charming at once. Those soft acoustic tunes are an oh-so-welcome alternative to head-pounding Top 40 tunes or cheesy spa music, too. This salon has already cultivated a devoted following of lovely ladies who entrust their locks into Kristen's care. In fact, Kristen even has her own signature haircut for curly-haired gals, called "the C-cut." It's made it to the pages of Atlanta Magazine not once, but twice, and it's attracted quite the following of women of the curly persuasion who don't want to beat their curls into submission with straightening irons or heavy products. A salon guest even told me that this is the reason she's a disciple of Kristen's shears -- and she doesn't even have curly hair. She was just intrigued by the thought of a stylist coming up with their own unique cut. And she's right. Chefs are famous for certain dishes, and mixologists may become known for a particularly creative cocktail, so it only makes sense that an innovative stylist can have a signature cut, right?

Beyond the C-cut, the Studio also offers an array of cut and color services, including an all-over color treatment that only takes ten minutes (perfect way to spend a lunch break) and facial waxing services. The salon is literally juuust outside the perimeter, smack-dab between Vinings and Smyrna ("Smynings"), and easily accessible from the highway. And each treatment comes with those all-natural products, great conversation, and that wonderful sense of "Ahhhh."

Kristen's own C-Cut, featured twice in Atlanta magazine
Blonde hair
Curly hair
French cut techniques
Highlights & color
Tuesday - Thursday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Call ahead to book an appointment.

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