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Cigar Village

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Whether you’re a cigar novice or aficionado who needs a place to stash your favorite stogies, the relaxed vibe and friendly service at Village Cigar is the place to be.
Ahhh, the cigar shop. Is there any finer experience than entering a comfortable space to enjoying a cigar and take in the laid back vibe of the East Atlanta neighborhood? We argue there’s nothing better than inhaling the distinctive scent and flavor of rolled tobacco, accompanied by a sip (or three) of scotch. Cigar Village features a large selection of premium cigars, plenty of comfortable seating, along with flat screen TVs to catch the game, wifi, live music, and a full bar, along with Spanish Cedar cigar lockers- for true aficionados who want a place to stash their best stogies. But what about someone who doesn’t know much about cigars, who wants to test the waters? This is definitely the place to do it, thanks mostly to owner Qui Oselen.

Qui learned about smoking cigars from his grandfather, who smoked them throughout his life. Then once Qui was an adult, he figured out what he liked in a cigar from trial and error; cigars are a lot like fine wines or craft beers- nuanced, with different flavors and strengths. So now he’s been in East Atlanta Village helping folks find what kinds of cigars they like and providing a place for the neighborhood to gather. He even wrote up the rules to smoking (which if you ask us, sound a lot like good rules to live life by), and they’ve gone all over the world and back again. Although there are friendly bartenders at Cigar Village, Qui is usually around to chat up everyone from the most experienced smokers to the novices. And thanks to his neighborly and gracious attitude, it’s not just about cigars- Qui has built quite a community in East Atlanta Village. Perhaps it’s the cigar events he hosts every month, featuring fresh, hand rolled cigars? Could be-- we just know that whether you’re a novice or aficionado, or maybe just want to chill out, Village Cigar is the place to be.

Comfortable seating
Spanish cedar cigar lockers
Flat screen TVs
Full cash bar
Event space
Live music

Sunday-Thursday, noon-midnight
Friday-Saturday, noon-2:30 a.m.

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