Whether you grew up in the South, or wish you did, you know that this showstopper of a dish is nothing short of a Saturday morning staple. We are, of course, referring to the almighty biscuits and gravy. Many a time we've caught ourselves dreaming of lazy weekends spent lounging in pajamas, watching grandma simmer sausage gravy on the stove while fluffy biscuits plumped up in the oven.

For those of us expats who now call the Big Apple home, we started to wonder where we could find the Big Biscuits and Gravy. You know, a real breakfast. After seriously contemplating the logistics of flying our grandmas up here and ever-so-sweetly begging them to cook for us in our tiny city kitchens, we went out and found some spots serving up this Southern favorite instead. And, in the process, saved a whole lot on airfare... which we'll be using for biscuits.

All Around Deliciousness
Pies ‘n’ Thighs
This place is delicious for just about anything—the fried chicken, the key lime pie, heck, even the doughnuts. But one of our constant favorites is the always-heavenly chicken biscuit. It's fresh-baked, fluffy and downright delicious. For the adventurous (or exceptionally hungry), order up this bad boy with a side of sausage gravy and you’ll be ready for one very nice afternoon food-coma nap.

With A Side O' Booze
Hair of the dog that bit ya! Every brunch meal includes three Bloody Marys or Screwdrivers. All the better to sip on while making your way through one of these big, hangover-friendly breakfasts. Big, as in: biscuit, sausage patty, eggs and sausage gravy. Yes, please.

Extra Southern
The Delta Grill
This Lousiana-style joint is packed with all of the great Cajun and Creole favorites, including its savory take on ye olde biscuits and gravy. We're talkin' buttery biscuits with pan gravy and a hot bowl of grits—all things that are sure to make even the harshest critic of authentic Southern fare crack a full-bellied grin.

Biscuits and gravy for all! For the vegetarians in your life, these buttermilk beauties can be ordered with sausage or vegetarian gravy, because really, who couldn't do with a little more biscuits and gravy in his or her life? That's what we thought. If you need us, we'll be over here—these biscuits aren't going to eat themselves.